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Welcome to Alex’s Tech Prospective!

Considering this is my first blog post I guess I should introduce myself, this blog, and give you a taste of the kind of things you can expect to read here. I’m Alex MacLellan the Technology Associate here at Blue Sky Management and Research. My background is varied, my interests range from book making to interstellar travel, but I have a deep passion for technology, it’s trends in the past and where it is going into the future.

On this blog I will being posting updates around topics such as cyber, cloud security, big data, mobile and social tech, eHealth, venture capital, biometrics, investing, crowdsourcing, upcoming gadgets, the future of medicine, etc. I might even throw in some fun articles about art and possibly space travel! I want to provide my readers with an interesting look at the constantly growing technology landscape.

So, thanks for stopping by, and keep checking here for updates on todays important news!