Blue Sky Management & Research

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Welcome to Blue Sky Management & Research

Blue Sky Management & Research provides venture capital investments (Blue Sky Investors), wealth management, investment analytics, IT consulting, and innovative technology solutions.

Our current areas of work, expertise, and delivery include:

  • Venture capital investing in early stage technology companies
  • Start-up assistance, including product and strategy development and management consulting
  • Design of Internet-scale, highly available infrastructure
  • Secure IT and Cloud solutions
  • Enterprise architecture and reference models
  • Assisting start-ups with Enterprise product design and delivery
  • Innovative solutions to challenging business problems
  • Management expertise and organizational optimization
We are also exploring advanced financial analysis and portfolio outcome modeling software for
sophisticated investors (OptimWealth).

What's Hot

Cyber Security

Internet of Things

Secure Cloud Computing

Big Data Analytics

Mobile & Social Platforms

eHealth Solutions

Investment Outcomes - Improving portfolio performance through breakthrough risk management techniques