Blue Sky Management & Research

Navigating the Future

What we do

Blue Sky Management & Research is a private company located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

We perform the following services...

Venture Capital Investing
Blue Sky Investors is working on several venture investing opportunities.  Please check out the "Blue Sky Investors" section of the web site for more information.

Early Stage Companies
Blue Sky is working with several early stage companies from the idea/concept stage through growth stages.  We can help you evaluate your idea, analyze potential markets and opportunities, and then pull together a high performing team to bring it to fruition.

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Wealth Management
We develop wealth management models, software, and solutions for our own private use at Blue Sky.  This includes advanced lifetime and portfolio modeling tools for sophisticated investors. We analyze investment opportunities based on visual and statistical analysis of return versus portfolio risk and volatility of holdings.

IT and business consulting – We can bring decades of IT expertise to your most complex business problems. Working with your team, we can help understand customer needs, explore technology possibilities, and develop a path forward for success. 

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