Blue Sky Management & Research

Navigating the Future


  • IT and business consulting – We can bring decades of IT expertise to your most complex business problems.  Working with your team, we can help understand customer needs, explore technology possibilities, and develop a path forward for success.
  • Enterprise product consulting for start-ups – Developing products for the Enterprise market can be very challenging --- great ideas alone are just not enough.  We can help you evaluate your ideas, validate them for the large Enterprise market, and help your team focus on effective sales and technology delivery.
  • Enterprise Cloud solutions – Few global Enterprises have been able to fully embrace the Cloud computing revolution.  Not utilizing the
    Cloud could put your business at risk.  Your competitors may be able to deliver products and services faster and cheaper by using Cloud solutions.  We can help you evaluate your "Cloud opportunity", infrastructure and organizational readiness, and map a sensible path forward with your team.
  • Internet-scale, secure IT infrastructure design – Internet-scale web site and infrastructure design can be a critical success factor for today’s online global businesses.  We can help you analyze your needs, evaluate technology and vendor options, and help your team plan sustainable Internet-scale infrastructure and operations.
  • Global scale networking – Designing solutions for global networks is complex, in terms of options and engineering.  We can help you analyze your existing global network and work with your architecture and engineering teams to optimize your network.  Expertise includes: Internet/Extranet Firewalls, DDoS protection, Web proxies, Intranets, and Remote access and VPN
  • Cyber Security Consulting – We have deep expertise in cyber security and building effective detection and defense systems.  Expertise includes: security program design and implementation, Threat modeling, IT risk analysis, Secure Internet solutions, including Firewalls, Data loss prevention, Advanced threat detection (APT) and prevention solutions, and Security operations and incident
  • IT Innovation Acceleration – Most large IT organizations do a great job running their applications and infrastructure.  We can help you build a "culture of innovation" in your team and generate new business value through IT innovation.?  Innovation should be at the center of all large IT organizations --- and the investment in innovation can benefit both your people as well as your business sponsors.